Remember to breathe.

Remember to breathe.

Don’t panic.

Stress monitors, one of many pieces of plastic wrapped electronic devices arrayed around the large metal egg, register the increase in breathing and heart rate. Small diameter pipes from another larger machine to its right quiver slightly as a light blue liquid swiftly travels the distance from the bottom of the machine, up over the egg, disappearing into a hole near the top.

Ahhhhhh……..bliss. Its ok. Air fluid next. Remember to breathe.

A technician walks to the side of a large bottle mounted on the wall, noting several details from gauges and readouts at its base, entering each one into a glowing handheld. The light purple liquid in the bottle bubbles once and the whirring of a small induction motor fills the silence of the laboratory. Slowly the thick pipe at the base of the bottle fills with the liquid before snaking its way across the tangle of wires, hoses and tubes littering the floor.  Crawling up the pipe into the egg via a nozzle the technician again notes several figures on the apparatus before touching a lapel mic.

“Mr Zoo. I am beginning the fill cycle. Please remain calm.”

Dear God, have mercy.

Climbing from a storage tank within the egg the air fluid rises the short distance to the large mask around the face of the naked capsuleer. Through a number of filters, measurement probes and valves and then down the tube into the lungs.

Oh no! Get me out! Get m……….

A light flashes red on a console, the technicians smiles, taps the handheld and the light pulses amber.

“They always drown.”


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